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We have three patented methods to resolve any of your basement wall foundation problems. 

Do you have of the following Basement Foundation Problems?:

  • Bowing Walls

  • Foundation Wall Tilting

  • Cracks in Basement Foundation

  • Concrete Cracks

  • Horizontal Basement Wall Cracks

  • Vertical Basement Wall Cracking

  • Step Down Block Foundation Cracking

  • Basement Floor Cracks

  • Outside Foundation Cracks

  • Concrete Needs Wall Push


We fix it all and more, PERMANENTLY!

“The Force” by Basement Boost - Pushes your basement wall back over time!

“The Reinforcer” by Basement Boost - Stops cracks immediately in their tracks! 

“The Terminator” by Basement Boost - Stops a tilting basement wall from moving!

The Reinforcer By Basement Boost

Ten times stronger than steel! The Reinforcer by Basement Boost will stop bowing walls NOW! 


The Force by Basement Boost

Constant 1000 lbs. of force to push your failed wall back into place. Fix a moving foundation wall or a bowing foundation wall without exterior excavation! Basement Boost fixes it right! 


The Terminator by Basement Boost

Withstands 6000 lbs. of pressure to keep a tilting poured concrete foundation wall from tilting inward. Stop your tilting foundation wall from moving!