Basement Boost doesn’t just fix basements, we also fix crawlspaces! 

A wet crawlspace can cause costly damage to the structure of your home! High-moisture in your crawlspace will cause mold spores to grow which will raise health concerns for you and your family!

STOP WAITING! Get your crawlspace waterproofed NOW! 

Basement Boost will permanently waterproof your crawlspace, encapsulate your crawlspace, and ensure your family and home are safe from water damage.

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Do you have cracks in your crawlspace? 
Water coming into your crawlspace because of cracks?
Basement or crawlspace wall shifting?

We fix leaking crawlspaces, cracked foundations, and more, PERMANENTLY! 

Basement Boost offers permanent crawlspace and basement foundation repair products and services:

“The Force” by Basement Boost - Pushes your foundation wall back over time!

“The Reinforcer” by Basement Boost - Stops crawlspace cracks immediately in their tracks! 

“The Terminator” by Basement Boost - Stops a tilting foundation wall from moving!

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